Where do we start the tour?

If your have an accommodation which is on the Lake, possibly we start the tour right to the hotel or near it.

Is the weather cancel the tour

We run our tours in rain or shine. For boat, it’s only raining, meaning no thunderstorms or strong winds are predicted, we can still boat. When hiking or biking, we will only cancel a tour if we feel the road conditions are too dangerous to continue

What is the capacity of your boats?

Max people in a single boat is 8

How safe our belongings are when it is raining

You have to make sure all your equipments are safe and cannot easily get wet easier. When it is needed we give you waterproof bags

Why your service is better than others?

We are boat Tour Company only based to the Lake Kivu and its surroundings where the others are not.

We might visit the same places but in a much more comfortable and safety way.

We provide guidance and service both in English and in French with our highly skilled and experienced guides.

And for a better price!

Where are you located?

We are operating from 3 locations: Rubavu district in the north west of Rwanda, Karongi district and Rusizi district to south west of Rwanda right on the shore of the Lake Kivu

Is there parking nearby?

Yes, you are welcome to use the free parking in all our departure locations!

Are your boats covered?

Yes, this type of boats is covered and the passenger is seated in plain air.

Is there a toilet on the boat?

No there is no toilet. There are toilet facilities the clients can use before or after. A toilet on board would not be able to be used except if we are close to our partner’s hotels find on the way.

Do you have life vests?

Yes we do. All seats have an easy to wear life vest that the client is compulsory to wear by law during the whole tour for safety reasons.

Are your boats speed boats?

They can operate in average speeds. Our target is the client to get all the comfort and beyond expectations and all our boats are locally wooden made boats with max 40hp outboard engine

Will the clients get wet?

We are not far from the shore but weather conditions might vary. So yes there is a chance to get wet.
Under normal circumstances the client will not get seriously wet.

Is this a guided tour?

Yes, the crew members will provide all the information on all the landmarks to be visited and will be happy to answer more questions from the clients.

Is this tour suitable for all clients?

Yes. The tour is generally suitable for all clients given that we do not accept children under two years old. The passengers though have to undertake themselves the responsibility of being in a health condition that does not prevent them from taking a boat. Therefore, i.e pregnant women, clients suffering from neck problems, back or spine conditions, as well as persons with special needs etc. will be excluded

Can we select our seats on boats?

All our tours are private, you seat according to your needs

Can we get off for a swim?

Yes, you can swim after sign on our waiver while swimming during the tour that you did it at your own risk. Lake is safe to swim in. Our Stopovers are only for photo opportunities and narration by our captain, and experiences depending on tour. Guests are advised to stay on the boat at all times.

Can I take pictures?

Of course! Photography is encouraged. As a matter of fact, we know vacation photos are so important that is why the boat will stop in front of the greatest attractions to provide a perfect photo opportunity.

Will you provide food or refreshments on board?

No food is allowed on board; we only provide bottled mineral water to quench your thirst.

What do the clients need to bring with them?

Each passenger must have identification documents to be allowed to onboard. Emirates ID or passport is therefore required. No other document is accepted.

If a passenger does not have the identification document, he will not be allowed to onboard the vessel and any money paid will not be paid back.

Unfortunately, this is a law requirement also and so we can do nothing about as it is a very serious violation if we do not respect it. Besides that, nothing is compulsory.

What does a client need to know before departure?

Client has to be at the departure at most 5’ before departure time, with his id docs if he has already paid his ticket. If you do not paid, A term document will have to be signed on the spot with all the above together with the payment arrangement at your hotel or to our departure.

Do you have clients insured for accidents?

Yes, we have insurance coverage.

Did you ever have any accident?

No! And we pay great attention not to have any in the future

All the tours are customizable to suit your needs

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